Designing Social Inbox - Email Notifications

Over the past few months, I've been working almost exclusively on the frontend for HubSpot's Social Inbox. Early on, we knew we wanted to make notifications a central part of the system, and we wanted to take a mobile-first approach (while working within the limits of the greater HubSpot app). So we made a responsive email that was heavily influenced by the techniques implemented by Twitter. These are the email notifications we came up with. Also, my phone is in German.


There were two types of emails that you could receive: a list of tweet(s) or a forwarded tweet. They're pretty similar, but it was a good chance to test titles and subject lines.
Tweets from a customer's HubSpot Contact were annotated with a color to signify their lifecycle stage. Orange for leads, green for customers and grey if the person sorta matched one of your contacts.
I use Social Inbox to stay up-to-date on food startups in Boston.


The desktop version is very similar to the mobile one, but with more breathing room. We can (and should) add more web-only actions, to help people get a richer experience whenever possible. Would love to hear your thoughts.