Why There's No Such Thing as an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are doers—they go out and make things happen. They hack and hustle on their way to the top, and they’re driven by an insatiable, innate passion.

Entrepreneurs are not day-dreamers. They are not someone’s understudy. They are not in a dressed rehearsal. Rather, they’re live, on stage, and they’re playing “for keeps” with their time and money (or worse, someone else’s money).

I’m ashamed to say that for years now, I’ve called myself an “aspiring entrepreneur.” All along, I’ve ignored the most common advice of founders who I admire: that you learn most of it through experience. In that way, entrepreneurship is boolean: you’re either doing it or you’re not.

Many people have written about the many paths to becoming an entrepreneur. Some people don’t undertake it until they’re much older; some do it without any experience. Regardless of how long a person waits, the formula is the same: passion + action = entrepreneur.

I’m not an entrepreneur—I haven’t found my irrevocable cause, and I haven’t acted on it—but I’m no longer going to waste energy explaining how I “aspire” to be one. I’m a doer who wants to improve the world, but until I start doing that, I’m just a guy learning from someone else’s gamble.