How to Prank a Brogrammer

Brogrammer Whitney Sorenson

I love office pranks. And who these days deserves to be pranked more than the brogrammer? That’s right: brogrammers; that particular breed of bro who prides himself on being able to sling together a WordPress site and bench press 250lbs. Let’s hit him where it hurts.

The code

alias mkdir='mkdir thinIce; curl -s -o ./thinIce/.got-ya-bro.jpg; mv thinIce'

Execute the above command on a brogrammer’s rig, as he calls it. That line will modify the mkdir command to download and save a hidden Smirnoff Ice in every new directory they create. Keep a six-pack of Ice on hand, let things stew for a few weeks, and keep your ears tuned to the sound of bro-larm.

A couple of notes:

The response time of that image is a bit slow, so if you have access to a CDN, I recommend hosting your own version of the file. Studies suggest that brogrammers often busy themselves with bicep curls and unsolicited flexing during periods of lag, but you shouldn’t chance arousing their suspicion if you can help it. Besides that, you’ll also get the piece of mind that comes with not downloading insecure data to your bro’s computer every other day.

There are a bunch of other things you can do to make this more fun. If you have awesome brogrammer pranks, please share them!