Recreating the Book Club Experience

I was looking through my old hard drive and stumbled upon this mockup for an iPad app I designed while at Performable. I made this around the time that David Cancel started a company "book club." I remember one day asking a colleague if he read one of the books and what he thought of it. He said he skimmed it, but got most of the good tidbits from David. So I started thinking, "How do I get those tidbits?" My iPad app is basically a regular ol' book app, but with an annotation layer. You'd be able to see comments from all the people within your reading circle (and in theory, the pool of readers would be large and public) just by tapping on the color-coded lines/passages. So I could see what David thought of the book, or I could see what the late Steve Jobs thought of it, even though I didn't actually know Steve. Anyway, seeing this old piece made me smile, so I thought I'd share it :] Enjoy! Note: It might be worth saying that I don't own an iPad, so the interface is mostly based on the kind of reading I've done on an iPhone. Sorry if the above seems really unintuitive :/